About Coin Turtle
  • A fun and whimsical way for older generations to give pocket money or positive feedback to the younger generations.
  • Secure social trading, photo sharing and quiz generating app.  
  • Built on SAP technology for robust security and e-commerce scalability.
  • Ideal for allowing children to structure a homework ‘deal’ with parents and weekend odd-jobs for grandparents.
  • Future use: Ideal for family businesses, trading with the local community.

 Market Penetration

  • Families wish they had social software that allows SECURE interaction, photo sharing and messaging within the family and friendship circles.      
  • Problem: facebook is seen as an ocean of information,

            Solution: cointurtle.com is your own private pool to swim in.

  • By targeting the young adults of today, we are ensuring the young professionals and business owners of tomorrow will be comfortable with this e-commerce platform.

 Future Roadmap

  • Secure local community trading of goods and services.
  • Strong on privacy and security.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) platform with each item, e.g. fridge, radio, car servicing with cointurtle.com interface app.